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PDF Product Code Description
HD5955 PE High Density Blow Mold
HD7962 PE High Density Blow Mold
HD10950 PE High Density Blow Mold
HD6954 PE High Density Injection
HD7953 PE High Density Injection
HD8960 PE High Density Injection
HLP9947 Pipe Extrusion
HDP0353 Pipe Extrusion
HDP0449 Pipe Extrusion
LD03920 PE Low Density Film
LD2920 PE Low Density Film
LD2923 PE Low Density Film
LD0720 Film Resin
LDVA1925.4 Film Resin
LDVA2925.3 Film Resin
LDVA2925.6 Film Resin
mLLD1918 Film Resin
mLLD1916 Film Resin
LLB1918 Film Resin
LLD2025 Injection/Masterbatch
LLH2942 Film Extrusion
LLD2920G Masterbatch
LLD5025 Injection/Masterbatch
LLH08925 Film Resin
LLH1918 Film Resin

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PDF Product Code Description
PPC2NB PP Impact Copolymer
PPC12NB PP Impact Copolymer
PPC20NB PP Impact Copolymer
PPC150E PP Impact Copolymer
PPC2020M PP Impact Copolymer
PPC2040M PP Impact Copolymer
PPC2090MA PP Impact Copolymer
PPC3520MA PP Impact Copolymer
PPC5020MA PP Impact Copolymer
PPH2 PP Homopolymer
PPH4 PP Homopolymer
PPH12 PP Homopolymer
PPH140E PP Homopolymer
PPH400E PP Homopolymer
PPH1200M PP Homopolymer
PPH1200MA PP Homopolymer
PPH2000 PP Homopolymer
PPH2000MA PP Homopolymer
PPH3500MA PP Homopolymer
PPR12 PP Random Polymer
PPR35 PP Random Polymer
PPR55 PP Random Polymer
PPR1200MA PP Random Polymer
PPR3500MA PP Random Polymer
PPR5500MA PP Random Polymer

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PDF Product Code Description
PDF GP1300 PS Crystal
GP1800 PS Crystal
HH180 PS High Heat
PS320 PS High Impact
PS820 PS High Impact