We provide customers with quality product, swift, efficient service, a strong technical background,
and timely information on the dynamic resin markets in which we participate.
For three decades, we have been a consistent and reputable source of supply and service.


Sells Polyethylene, Polystyrene, and Polypropylene resin and compounds.  Prime, non-prime, and
        recycled polymers.

  • Delivers direct via hopper car, bulk truck, or truckload packages.


Maintains more than 30 terminal and warehouse locations throughout North America to service our bulk
        truck and package customers.


Employs a team of knowledgeable, diligent, and ethical sales professionals to service your business.
       Each salesperson is supported by a dedicated group of customer service, logistical, and financial
       personnel who are familiar with your account and your operational needs.


Functions as a significant distribution and sales channel for our suppliers. They count on us to provide
       our customers a variety of resins and services as well as stewardship. TRADEMARK'S unique and
       focused approach to our customers adds a meaningful dimension to the overall sales and marketing
       programs of our suppliers.


Serves its customers and is committed to maintaining a relationship based on integrity, product and
        market knowledge, significant supply capability, logistical expertise, process awareness, competitive
        pricing, and industry leading long term success